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From your favorite Shark Family songs to beautiful Princess songs, we’re here with the TOP HITS of 2017!

You’re watching “Best Kids’ Songs of 2017”, a compilation of best children’s song created by Pinkfong!

★ Best Kids’ Songs of 2017
1.Shark Finger Family
2.Baby Shark’s Birthday
3.Do-Re-Mi, Sharks
4.The Shark Band
5.Police Sharks
6.Hot Clam Buns
7.Sharky Pokey
8.Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Shark
9.Baby Shark on the Bus
10.Where Is Daddy Shark?
12.Shark ABC
13.Shark 123
14.Move Like the Baby Shark
15.Pirate Baby Sharks
16.Clay Halloween Sharks
17.Halloween ABC
18.Ten Little Spooky Kids
19.Ghosts on the Coast
20.The Potty Song
21.Good Morning Song
22.Wash My Hair
23.It’s Bedtime
24.Bath Time Song
25.Brush Your Teeth
28.Hello, my body
31.Immune system
34.Five Senses
35.Sleeping Beauty
36.We are Princesses
37.The Little Mermaid
38.Snow White
40.Beauty and the Beast
42.My Princess World
43.Dance with Pinkfong
44.Hello, Pinkfong
45.See You Again, Pinkfong
46.Let’s Sing Together

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